Students track shuttles with smartphone app

Jessica Stallings

Students know exactly where the campus shuttles are thanks to a smartphone app and a partnership between the university and Metropolitan Evansville Transit System (METS).

The DoubleMap app can be downloaded for free on Apple and Android devices. It is also available online at for PCs, laptops and tablets.

Once downloaded, users can view all routes or select the ones they wish to track. The app uses Google Maps and identifies not only the shuttles, but the user’s location.

DoubleMap presents campus shuttle routes in blue and METS west connection routes in red. Users can click on specific stops to see an estimated time of arrival.

Clay Roth lives in a campus apartment and uses the app three to four times a day.

“I pay close attention to it when I’m about to go to class from my apartment,” Roth said.

The radio and television major said he likes how it’s real-time and shows exactly where the bus is.

“As soon as it’s a stop away, I head out to the closest bus stop and wait maybe 30 seconds versus waiting for 10 minutes, being late for class, cold and not knowing where the bus is,” Roth said.

Public Safety Staff Sergeant Brian McWilliams said DoubleMap provides students with a useful tool for time management.

“Knowing where the buses are on campus and when one will arrive at your stop means students don’t have to wait at a bus stop any longer than necessary,” McWilliams said.

He said there is a lot to like about the app.

“From an administrative standpoint, I like the tools the DoubleMap program provides – detailed bus location history, time between stops, etc. – that allows USI Public Safety and METS to investigate reported issues or problems and correct them when necessary,” McWilliams said.

The app includes a dashboard feature, which is used by USI’s Office of Public Safety to add special announcements, such as weather delays, cancelations, changed routes and other information that might affect riders.