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Core classes clash with schedule, pre-existing knowledge

Vanessa Roach

August 30, 2015

With tuition costs on the rise, many students are questioning why they are being required to take numerous core classes that seem useless to their degree. The relatively new Core 39 promises to “expand foundational skills in communication and critical thinking, explore how different fields crea...

Degree Works throws wrench in registration

Caleb Riley

April 24, 2014

Fall registration began April 7, and the implementation of Core 39 threw a wrench in the way advising works at the university. Along with Core 39, a new academic planner is being integrated to assist with advising, but it's not quite ready. Degree Works will replace the Degree Audit Reporting System...

CORE 39: Faculty gets taste of new curriculum

CORE 39: Faculty gets taste of new curriculum

James Vaughn

March 25, 2014

As students scramble to beat the rush and high tail it into courses they need to graduate, advisers are scrambling to learn a new core curriculum, which requires 39 credit hours rather than 50. Core 39 doesn’t roll out until fall 2014, but new student orientation begins today. The university h...

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