Library needs to expand hours

Jessie Hellmann

After being around campus during these first two months of school, I have realized it is very hard to find a quiet place to study. Even at the library, there is always a struggle to find an available study room.

Rice Library is currently open 7 a.m. to midnight on weekdays, with restricted hours on the weekend. For me, this is the only option I have to study for my pre-nursing classes.

I currently live in the on-campus apartments with three roommates who have completely different study habits. At night, I need a place to escape from loud music and find a quiet spot; however, I need to escape to a place that I can stay later than midnight.

So far, I have had to cut many of my studies short, either with a group or by myself, and I think there needs to be a change. A library open 24 hours a day will not only allow students to study to their full potential, but open up new job opportunities for students looking for work.

For students like me who are up studying anyway, why not get to work at the same time? I came to USI to study and learn, but I have found many limitations. We pay enough to use the library, students should be allowed to do that.