Fight Evansville’s obesity title on campus

Brenna Wu

A few years back, Evansville was regarded as the most obese city in America. Clearly, Evansville no longer holds that “glorious” title.  But, many people are still suffering from obesity and being overweight. Starting in 2000, more fast food restaurants erupted all over the country, and technology started to take a turn in the market.

If we begin here around campus, we can start a revolutionary change in diet and the way Americans see nutrition and exercise. Just that beginning step is all it takes.

There are so many ways to learn about food and nutrition here on campus. If a student has a particular question concerning nutrition and calorie intake, the Student Wellness Office would be a great place to start. Recently, USI held a Wellness Fair that allowed students to go around a number of booths to calculate their body mass index, measure their weight, or even feel how much a true amount of fat weighed. Nutrition is a key ingredient to keeping the body healthy and fit.

It’s important to exercise, as well. As a student-athlete, I love exercising and keeping my body fit and strong. Two places on campus are great sources for exercise: the Physical Activities Center (PAC) and the Recreation Fitness and Wellness Center (RFWC).

These two buildings can help students get in tip-top shape. A number of trainers work at the RFWC, and are always willing to help a person wanting to get into shape.  I hope that as the years go on, our percentages in obesity decrease significantly, as well as those who are overweight. Let’s just start with this first step on campus. I know, together, we can make a great difference in the world.