Don’t put too much on one plate

Brenna Wu

Many students on campus are starting to feel the weight of their heavy course loads. With tests, quizzes and homework, what else does one have time for? Some students even have part-time jobs.

How? What? When?

A recent study shows four out of five students on college campuses have a part-time job. So, this question wraps the heads of many students here at USI: How do I manage everything before I pull my hair out?

Here are just a couple tips on how to keep everything balanced and organized.

Try to get a schedule from everything you are involved in, whether it be school, work, athletics, whatever and see what overlaps into what so you can figure out the next move.

Identify the main priority and see if you can work your other schedules around it. Many jobs as well as organizations understand the importance of school and receiving an education, so will likely work with your class schedule.

Look at your work schedule, if you have one, and if not your activities schedule. Great employers want to see people who are organized and have priorities managed. Make sure to let the employer know what times are readily available to you by giving them a school schedule as well as an athletic schedule, if you have one. This schedule gives them advance notice of when you can and cannot work.

Stay organized by putting schedules in a binder or folder.

These tips are just some of many to keep students from having a panic attack on their first couple months of school. Let your friends know as well, if they are struggling.

Staying organized as well as being prepared has helped me to maintain my school work, job, athletic practices, and organizations. Keep those schedules handy and you will do just fine.