SpringFest has new potential

Jessie Hellmann

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After a year-long hiatus, SpringFest is back. For the younger students who don’t know and didn’t grow up in the Evansville area, SpringFest is an annual celebration USI organizes that usually involves the hiring of ‘big’ acts such as Fun. and Jason Derulo. However, after SpringFest’s ‘father’ retired last year, USI’s Provost Ron Rochon canceled it.

Toward the end of it, we were getting some pretty lame, one-hit acts like Mike Posner, Jason Derulo and Karmin, artists that nobody actually says, “Oh yeah, that’s my favorite artist!” This can be traced back to the fact that SpringFest’s lameness actually lost the university money. Every year’s profits are dedicated to the next year’s festival, but the problem began when they actually stopped making a profit.

Big artists didn’t want to come to the PAC, and in turn, students didn’t want to spend their time or money (even if tickets were heavily discounted) to see an artist that has one good catchy song.

I understand that many students and faculty have worked very hard on SpringFest in the past, and I’m not trying to diminish that. There is only so much you can do with limited funds and a crippling venue such as the PAC. Which is why I think the university made the best decision possible of partnering with our crosstown ‘rivals’ the University of Evansville and moving SpringFest to the Ford Center.

Let’s face it, we all know UE got that money, so to speak, being a private school that students fork out thousands of dollars to attend every year. Also, the Ford Center, if you haven’t seen it, is glorious in every way. Since it’s construction, it has attracted acts such as Elton John, Rascal Flatts, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Lady Antebellum and a few others.

However, my main concern now is that USI won’t find an artist that everyone likes, or at least that the majority likes. Obviously, not every can be pleased. I’m worried that the SpringFest committee will pick an artist that represents what they like, and not someone the majority of the student population likes.

Or worse- the committee will put too much focus on what the community wants, as both schools are only purchasing floor tickets and opening up all the other seats for the public.

This is a celebration for students who have worked hard all year and deserve to have a safe, fun, low – expense event. No offense, people of Evansville, we know we invade your town for eight months every year, but let us have our fun.

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