Quit changing names

Shannon Hall

During my summer trip, one of my major highlights would be going to the local college and visiting its bookstore.

My parents bought me a university sweatshirt and T-shirt, and I did in fact buy a book there.

Even though it was a bookstore, I knew if I pushed my bottom lip up a little – I would get a T-shirt or some sort of university apparel. That’s what I really wanted.

I love the fact that USI changed the bookstore’s look, but I’m probably still going to call it a bookstore.

Ball State, ISU, IU and Purdue all call it a bookstore. And we know by the number of IU and Purdue shirts that on our students bodies that they sell clothing.

Yes, I know you don’t have to buy them at the bookstore, but everyone knows they sell clothing there as well.

Even Barnes and Noble, which is a bookstore, doesn’t only sell books. I specifically went there for a penholder.

I understand that the university wants to change things. The bookstore looks great. But changing a universal name, such as bookstore to the Campus Store, will not matter.

Students will continue to call it the bookstore.

Changing the name back is too much change within a short period of time, so I won’t even suggest it.

I’m just asking the university and the bookstore folk to not overly correct students if they call it the USI Bookstore. They go there to get books, if they need pens and to buy their parents the USI Mom and Dad shirts.

The past two days, I’ve had more professors call it the bookstore than I’ve heard students call it that. Just saying.