University “committed” to salary increases for faculty, staff for upcoming year

Jessie Hellmann

Some Board of Trustees members expressed disappointment at the amount of appropriations USI received from the state at its meeting Friday afternoon.

Board member Ron Romain asked if there was something USI could have done differently to receive more than the $2 million given by the state.

President Linda Bennett requested a $10 million equity adjustment in January, but received $2 million as a last minute budget change at the last meeting of the 2013 Indiana legislature session.

Cindy Brinker, vice president for government and university relations, said being more vocal could help.

“I think we were pretty basic in making our needs known, we just need to make sure we work harder at making them heard,” Brinker said.

USI President Linda Bennett said with the additional money, the university is “committed” to increasing faculty and staff salary increases.

“We are committed to compensation increases in both years of the biennium,” Bennett said. “I don’t know what that can be. The increase from the general assembly was no near what we needed to be, but we are going to work with it and see to it that our faculty and staff have salary increases.”