All for all, one for one

Jake Tapley

A recent campaign has sparked a sense of pride in some Evansville residents, but I’m not sure why.

“We Are Evansville,” which has been largely driven by social media, seeks to prove to the citizens of Evansville that their city is a great place to live and, in fact, not “the 8th most miserable city in America,” as the now-locally-notorious article claimed.

I find it a little silly that everyone is getting so worked up over an article that simply cited a poll. Whose fault is it that, on average, our city has some of the least satisfied workers?

It isn’t the fault of the poll makers or the site administrators that decided to use the poll as grounds for their statistics. So, I guess that just leaves us.

The city of Evansville is largely working class, so what results were you expecting? No one said that all Evansville residents were unhappy with their lives or that Evansville is a terrible place to live, regardless of who you are.

On the contrary, Evansville has ranked well before as a being a good place to raise a family.

So quit trying to prove to people that Evansville is awesome. It’s different for everyone, depending on what your priorities and values are.

An article in The Courier & Press cited Evanville as having “65 parks” and “17 golf courses,” which is great if you’re into either of those things.

But, honestly, what’s the point in mentioning that? Who is that statistic really helping? People that golf frequently are aware of how many golf courses we have. People that enjoy parks have probably been to all of the local parks.

And I highly doubt any the people who golf or like parks are at all disheartened by a poll telling them that they should be “miserable.” Because, well, they’re probably not.

It’s the people that are interested in things that Evansville can’t (or doesn’t) provide them that can relate to the poll. And, ironically, it’s those very same people that you will never convince with the campaign, “We Are Evansville.”