Bill could aid undocumented students if signed by Gov. Pence

Jessie Hellmann

A bill that would help some undocumented students go to college passed the Indiana house last week and is waiting on a vote from Gov. Mike Pence.

Senate Bill 207 would give undocumented students who were enrolled in Indiana public colleges on or before July 1, 2011 in-state tuition, after a law was passed two years ago banning undocumented students from receiving it.

“The governor will thoroughly review the bill when it reaches his desk, and he will reach a decision,” said Kara Brooks, Pence’s press secretary.

The bill was drafted by Sen. Jean Leising (R-42) and Sen. Carlin Yoder (R-12).

 Leising said in an interview with The Shield last month some students have lived in the United States since they were very young, and no one would ever think they weren’t US citizens.

“Our federal government needs to be kicked in the fail for throwing this issue at the state,” Leising said.