QBOT, get out of my way!

James Vaughn

There’s nothing better than free or discounted food. But there’s also nothing more frustrating than waiting in line for an unnecessary length of time before getting it.

I’m a busy guy, so my lunch breaks tend to be pretty brief. Whether it’s class, a meeting or a deadline, I’m usually on-the-go. So I prefer my meal to be too.

That’s become an issue lately with Sodexo’s release of the loyalty app, QBOT, in late March.

Trust me, as a broke college student, I enjoy specials just as much as the next person. But I’ve been held up in line because of a QBOT situation multiple times now.

There was one instance when I was the second person in line at Archie’s Pizzeria for at least 10 minutes. Why? The student in front of me couldn’t figure out how to redeem her 50 percent off loyalty. Neither could the cashier – but she had an excuse. She wasn’t exactly in her 20’s and said she “don’t know how to work these smart phones.”

The student, on the other hand, was young. Our generation is supposed to be Tech savvy. But she didn’t seem to get that memo.

In an article about QBOT, Sodexo Retail Manager Rebecca Robb said that some type of loyalty program had been requested, whether it’s that customers punch cards or something of that type. She went on to say that people tend to have their phones on them, unlike their wallets.

Well, the app would be great if people were as smart as you think they are, even 20-year-old college students who are on their phones 24/7. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

At first, I wondered if using the app was really that difficult. So I tested it. I downloaded QBOT and bought a quesadilla. I clicked on the USI tab, then the Salsa Rico tab, then the 50 percent off tab at the bottom. The nice man at the checkout told me to “slide it” and that was it – I clicked “redeem” and my total came to $3.90.

I don’t know why it’s an issue for some people. I suppose it could be the horrible Wi-Fi connection at USI. Whatever the case, I would have preferred the punch cards. I’m sure everyone could figure that out and I’d be able to eat my food at a steadier pace.