Snow at Holiday World: USI alum to assume VP position at amusement park

Roberto Campos

When Eric Snow graduated from USI in 2003, he knew he wanted to work in the amusement industry.

Snow was 16 years old when he stumbled upon an opportunity to work at Holiday World as a ride operator. His seasonal job would evolve into a marketing internship and eventually a request from Holiday World to work as Director of Admissions.

Recently, Snow has been elevated to Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Guest Entertainment for the company that gave him a taste of the industry he enjoys so much.

“It’s an honor to be able to work in a field and for a park I really enjoy,” Snow said. “Once I started working at Holiday World I fell in love with the amusement industry. And I’ve been able to use what I’ve learned in school through internships and classes, and throughout my career to help guide a park that means a lot to me to where it’s going in the future.”

During his time at USI, Snow belonged to various clubs and activities that that revolved around his fields of study: public relations and marketing. Taking advantage of opportunities provided to him by the school, he frequently sought out the advice of his professors.

“I took advantage of all the knowledge that my professors Bob Jeffers and Peggy Shields could provide,” Snow said. “It’s not just asking questions in class. It’s making visits to their offices, asking questions about career advice, what they know. The teachers know what it will take to get you a full-time job once you leave college.”

He said the education he received at USI was critical, but he had to push himself, too.

“Just as important, I also made sure that I was putting myself out there, looking for different opportunities and creating a network of people I can rely on,” Snow said.

After graduating, Snow went to work for the Indianapolis Zoo’s marketing and sales department.

Besides receiving internship experience from Holiday World, Snow also served as a marketing intern for the Indianapolis Colts.

“Internships are valuable opportunities for students to gain real world experience,” Snow said. “There’s nothing like getting real world experience while getting the educational foundation as well. USI has the resources to assist students to find these opportunities that will put them a step ahead of other graduates come graduation day.”

Snow has always had a passion for the amusement industry, and after 16 years, it is as much a labor of love as it was when he was a ride operator.

“There’s no better place to work than for a business where you’re all about making a fun environment and experience for guests who are looking to escape the real world for a day,” Snow said.

It was Snow’s dedication to leadership that made him stand out from the other candidates, said Paula Werne, Holiday World’s director of communications.

“Several different people at Holiday World contacted Eric because of our experience with him throughout the years when he worked for us,” Werne said.  “I think that’s a testament of how highly we thought of him. He’s a passionate leader and we knew he would be a good addition to our full-time team.”