Music, movies and more: “Dead Space 3”

Roberto Campos

“Dead Space 3”
Rating: 4/5 stars 

At its core, “Dead Space 3” is a game that will have you cursing whoever came up with the idea of air vents.

And this isn’t a bad thing.

The premise of “Dead Space” is that you’re an engineer named Isaac Clarke, and throughout the franchise you’ve been put into extraordinarily unlucky circumstances that involve zombie-like creatures who try to kill you.

The areas where “Dead Space 3” is lacking are where the first two thrive.

The excellent pacing that makes or breaks horror games just isn’t there. It isn’t until a few hours into the game that things really start to pick up and feel like the “Dead Space” fans have come to love.

With that said, the poor pacing comes from the plot and its setup.

This time around, Isaac has retreated from the world and has distanced himself from his love interest in “Dead Space 2.” Forced out of isolation because she’s in danger, Isaac once again dons his engineering suit to save her. This is a redundant plot that has been explored in the first two games, and adding a love triangle in “Dead Space 3” just feels strange.

Plot has never been the driving force behind this franchise but this lackluster plot separates it from being great and just under par.

Gameplay in “Dead Space 3” is just as addicting and the addition of co-op increases the longevity of the game. However, the core experience of this game is enjoyed in single player.

What makes “Dead Space” so unique is the constant onslaught from necromorphs relentlessly attacking you from air vents and other unexpected places in claustrophobic settings.

“Dead Space 3” retains this uneasiness brought on by feeling vulnerable. It will make your heat race and have your palms sweaty throughout the game.