Relate: Time to move on

Justin Law

An indication of a dying relationship is when there is no warmth and all the beautiful qualities of the relationship start to aggravate one partner or both.

“I love you” becomes ineffective. The meaning is lost, but the words continue to be said because that is expected.

Love has no significance in a relationship unless it is truly and deeply unconditional. There is a difference between loving a person and being in love with an individual.

When a partner starts to watch his or her lover’s every move and nag at his/her behavior, problems in the relationship need to be dealt with.

Partners who find themselves constantly fighting, especially over small issues, and are unable to resolve the issues, would be better off  moving on.

After so many months or years of dealing with each other, partners tend to nitpick at one another’s qualities and habits. This is normal, but when it gets to the point that a partner is making his or her loved one feel as though he or she cannot be herself and possess true character, then what is the significance of the relationship?

Eventually, partners are going to become bored with their relationship. Every day will be routine, and they will continue to go through the motions causing more stress and unhappiness.

Distance from fighting can really tear a relationship apart, but the couple has to make the decision as to whether or not the stress they are putting on each other is worth a lifelong commitment.

The choice to spend your life with someone who brings you down and does not share the same desire for life will not lead to the path of happiness.

Moving on is difficult. Leaving someone you love is not something that anyone looks forward to, no matter the situation.

With that said, putting yourself before others in certain situations is a healthy choice. Sacrificing happiness and well-being at the benefit of another in a relationship is not a loving relationship at all.

I do not see the point in spending life with someone who does not see life in the same perspective as his or her significant other. The most exciting part about relationships is sharing qualities and interests with a person.

Relationships are about sacrifice and commitment. As the saying goes, “it takes two to tango.”