New sorority gathers members

Jessie Hellmann

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Alpha Sigma Tau has over 70 members already recruited and is continuing to collect women as well as dive into activities on campus.  

Sophomore accounting and finance major Rachel Isaacson, one of the new members, said that joining Alpha Sigma Tau is one of the best decisions she has ever made.

“I’m ready to get involved in everything that we do on campus and outside of campus as well,” Isaacson said.

Alpha Sigma Tau has been jumping into activities and getting involved on campus. The sorority worked with Habitat for Humanity last weekend in downtown Evansville and is participating in the annual Lambda Chi Pumpkin Bust on Saturday. 

David Stetter, program advisor for fraternity and sorority life, said the new sorority will bring more philanthropy and service events to campus.

“The new energy they have already brought will help push all chapters to be better,” Stetter said.

Almost half of the sorority is freshmen, and the other half consists upperclassmen.

Its main strategy for gathering women has been “tabling,” which involves setting up tables on campus to get the sorority’s name and information out to the students. Another strategy was encouraging girls that had already joined to reach out to their friends and peers.

Each of the students will go through a six-week new member process which includes informing them about Alpha Sigma Tau’s values, history and how it is nationally known. 

Cayte Merryman, an educational consultant for Alpha Sigma Tau, said the sorority is based on five main values: graciousness, respect, connections, excellence and intellect.  

“We are striving to be the best we can be and just continue to grow as the year goes on,” Merryman said

Even though it is almost at the finishing point, Merryman said Alpha Sigma Tau would still love to have new members. Its personal goal is to gain 100 girls total. Merryman said even if it may be too late for students to join this semester, the sorority will be doing formal recruitment next semester. She will keep those interested informed on activities and newsletters so that prospective members are still in the loop.

At the end of the semester, Merryman will leave USI and Alpha Sigma Tau to go back to the headquarters in Indianapolis. Beginning in November, elections will be held to replace the head members. Merryman isn’t leaving permanently though – she plans on making a few visits to check up on the sorority.

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