Ropewalk series kicks off

Jessie Hellmann

The RopeWalk Series will kick off this week with the appearance of an acclaimed writer and an artist.

The first event features the book “A Man Worthy of Your Attention,” an illustrated book for adults written by Janet Freeman and illustrated by Dana Ellyn. The artist, Ellyn, and the author will have an artist talk and a joint reading today.

Freeman said her book follows the process of a troubled young girl who was raped by a group of men. It contains a likely hero but has an unlikely twist at the end. 

“Caitlin (the lead female character) came to me fully formed with indescribable yearning,” Freeman said. 

This book is the first collaboration between the two artists, despite knowing each other for a long time. After viewing some recent artwork done by Ellyn, Freeman contacted her to work on this piece together.

“I knew right away she was the one to illustrate “A Man Worthy of Your Attention,’” Freeman said. “The work in the book was all inspired directly from the book itself. I often take my inspiration from books I read, so this collaboration with Janet was a natural fit.”

Freeman and illustrator Ellyn will present the book 5 p.m. Thursday in Kleymeyer Hall, and following will be a book signing and reception in McCutchan Art Center. 

Every semester, USI brings three guests from RopeWalk Press to campus.