Weekly sessions discuss the science of christianty

Justin Law

Knowledge is power and power is freedom. Chi Alpha Campus Ministries is providing just that, the ability to expand ones knowledge and for Christians to learn how to defend their faith with science.

“We are separate from the University,” said Bev Freund, the head of Chi Alpha, “This is not a debate. We simply want to provide information to people.”

Marlin Goebel leads the weekly sessions that are open to all members of the community.  The presentations start with handouts that attendees can take home with them.

A PowerPoint presentation is given to the crowd, which contains scientific information and exploration supporting Biblical beliefs.

The items included are charts and statistical data provided from an organization, The Institute for Creation Research, that is committed to discovering scientific information that reinforces Christianity.

“I want people to open their mind and interpret,” Goebel said. “Discover science and let it take it’s course.”

Following the presentation there is a question and answer session. To limit heated situations from arising, all guests are limited to one question.

“We want everyone to have the same chance, regardless of their beliefs,” Freund said.
People tend to get heated when discussing religion, as it’s one of those taboo subjects.

Freund hopes that limiting the amount of debate will allow for people to feel less threatened at the weekly sessions.

The sessions take place on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. in the Education building, room 1101.
According to Freund, the sessions usually get about 60 people from “both” sides of the aisle.

{jcomments on}The presentations will continue through Dec. 14.