Paranormal Activity: USI

Justin Law

In the spirit of Halloween, Activities Programming Board (APB) invited Chris Fleming to give a ghost lecture in Carter Hall and have students participate in a ghost hunt around campus Thursday.

Paranormal Investigator, Chris Fleming, has worked on over 500 cases involving paranormal and supernatural experience. Having a degree in Fine Arts and minor in physiology at an all-boy college, Fleming is not a scientist.

Claiming to be a sensitive/medium, Fleming has been in contact with ghosts and spirits for over 35 years.

When Fleming was three years old, living on 121 Park Lane in Hoffman Estates, IL, he first encountered a ghost in his father’s bedroom.  

Sitting on his father’s bed, he remembers three black masses called shadow people standing at the foot of the bed. Two men and one woman staring down at him as he lay in silence was his first face-to-face encounter with the shadow people.

As the three forms glided out the door, the womanly shadow turned and waved at him.

Fleming states that all ghost have extrasensory perception (ESP) and know when you believe in them.

Freshman Michaela Hawkins firmly believes in everything Fleming had to say.

“This is my thing,” Hawkins said.

Many USI students have different opinions on the topic of ghosts and Fleming’s lecture.

Freshman Kylee O’Conner had the exact opposite thought on ghosts as her roommate Michaela did, however, and thought that it was a waste of time.

After college, Fleming decided to use his design experience and publish a magazine called Unknown Magazine: Real Experiences of Unusual Phenomena.

Running from spring of 1997 to early 2001 Fleming was a publisher, art director and editor to the magazine.

Fleming has also co-hosted on TV show “Dead Famous” and appeared on countless TV shows including “Ghost Hunters” and “Physic Kid.”