It's Friday night and I'm broke, bored

Jessica Stallings

What am I doing on a Friday night? I’m sitting in The Shield office wondering what there is to do on campus.

Everything is closed on campus after 3 p.m., which is nice for the workers but not for the students. Shouldn’t I be able to do fun and free things on campus?

With the campus closing so early, students, especially those who live on campus, are left bored in their dorms. There are only a select few activities available on the weekends, such as getting dinner at the Loft with friends or going to work out at the Rec.


Occasionally, there will be a game to attend or a possible activity that RA’s have planned, but there needs to be something else.

Of course there is the option of going out and getting drunk at a party, but that is not my forte. Plus, it’s illegal to drink on campus, and getting caught with drugs or alcohol is not the greatest thing to have on your record.

And if you want to go off campus for something to do, there isn’t much either. The only hookah bar on the West side closed and the option to walk around Wal-Mart out of mere boredom isn’t very appealing.

If you have the gas money to get to the east side, the mall closes at nine – even on the weekend. So it’s almost pointless.

The university has taken some steps into adding activities for students, such as playing a movie in the Forum on Saturday nights or having intramural sports for students to get involved in. We should continue down this path of creating events that students enjoy and are free.

Leaving the places to eat open later than 3 p.m. on Fridays would be another step in the right direction. I would rather go to Starbucks with friends on Friday nights than sit alone in my apartment trying to find something on TV.

As a university with over 10,000 students, we should have multiple activities for students to do over the weekend or at least provide a place to hang out on campus other than our apartments. This campus is full of students with creativity. So why not put it to use by creating an event for students to get involved in? * Oasis is closing, I believe?