Who should you vote for? – Republican

Jake Tapley

Voting is an important milestone that many students experience for the first time during college. Unfortunately, many young voters seem apathetic to our government and politics.

With both candidates turning up the heat and so much information being thrown out, it is hard to distinguish who deserves your vote. As a political junkie and chairman of the Republican Club on campus, I hope to help inform you about the candidates so you may become an educated voter.

I am sure at some point you have been introduced to Mitt Romney. Romney has served as Governor of Massachusetts, has been an extremely successful businessman for 25 years and was the CEO of the 2002 Winter Olympics Organizing Committee.

His experience in business, foreign affairs and government are far superior to that of his opponent. Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan, has the intelligence and passion to get America back on track.

Romney’s opponent, incumbent Barack Obama, has not been the president the United States needs. Instead of cutting the debt in half, as promised, it has doubled during his term, the largest increase by any president in US history.

President Obama’s foreign policy has been weak at best. His health care reform bill is one of the most unconstitutional advances ever made by the government. With due respect, the President is a good family man, but not the individual needed to make this great country prosperous once again.

Other candidates running for office include current Congressman Larry Buschon, Richard Mourdock for Senate and Mike Pence for Governor of Indiana.

Congressman Buschon, as an incumbent, has done a phenomenal job in starting to cure Washington, D.C., and return it to the people. Richard Mourdock, State Treasurer of Indiana, has kept the Indiana budget balanced with one of the lowest state debts in America.

Mike Pence is a United States Congressman running for Governor. A very experienced individual with the enthusiasm and intelligence to keep Indiana among the best states in the US, Pence will fight for every Hoosier. Having talked to each of these three candidates, I am confident they will improve the lives of every Hoosier.

All of these candidates will ensure America becomes the beacon of hope and prosperity it has been in the past. I urge you to educate yourself on the candidates and vote for the individuals that are best for all Hoosiers and Americans.