Clash of the columnist: No Guns

Jessie Hellmann

Shootings have been happening all over the place, and it’s an issue that desperately needs to be addressed by both presidential candidates. It’s not something that can be ignored any longer, and I think the solution to this is tighter gun control.

Now I can hear all of the rednecks screaming while they open their cans of Budweiser,

Yes, I know you like to shoot your guns, but go to a shooting range where the guns are in a protected area and you can’t take it out and go on a major shooting spree.

Now, let’s approach the “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” argument.

Guns don’t kill people, crazy people kill people. And making it simple for a crazy person to obtain a gun is like putting a cake three centimeters in front of a struggling diabetic.

And yes, I know even if guns were completely outlawed in America  (which is not what I’m suggesting at all, calm down…) there would still be ways to obtain, it, but…

We need stricter gun laws. The people may oppose it, but what the people want isn’t always best for them. In Indiana, you don’t need a state permit for a gun, or need to register a firearm, have an owner license. Oh but you do need to have a carry permit for a handgun. That’s good, right?

I agree with Jean Jacques Rouseeau, who said that people are naturally good and that society conditions people into bad.

I also know that the right bear arms is in the constitution, but so is the freedom of speech and freedom of press, but American’s don’t have absolute freedom of speech and press.

People can snap at any moment. Any law-abiding citizen could suddenly turn into a mass murderer.

Why take the chance of someone unleashing bullets into a crowd of people just to preserve a hobby that’s kind of morbid anyway? Do America a favor, and go to a shooting range?