Point counterpoint: goodBYE, coach

Jessie Hellmann

Since JoePa’s death a few days ago, a whole new wave of remarks, which all fall along the same lines of “he didn’t deserve to get fired” have plagued the internet.

I concur that JoePa is a one-of-a-kind legend, and no, he did not deserve to die. But, I have absolutely no pity regarding his untimely firing. He was an 85-year-old man whose only life was Penn State, and it does pain me to think a part of the reason he died was from the heartbreak of being torn from a team and institution he loved, but I’m going with to stick with my opinion when I say, “Well, he should have thought about that before.”

When the truth surfaced, and it was discovered that Paterno knew about the Sandusky allegations, I lost almost all of my respect for the man. Even if Paterno wasn’t legally responsible for turning Sandusky in, he had a moral and ethical responsibility as a human being.

If Paterno had come forward, several of those molestation and rape incidences could have been prevented.

What makes me feel even more sad than Paterno’s probable death from heartbreak is the thought of those boys and how their lives have been affected because of Sundusky.

People complain that Paterno’s legacy has been tainted by the Penn State scandal, but the lives of those boys have been tainted by the Penn State scandal.

Not only did Paterno know about Sandusky did, there is no way to ever know the information Paterno knew. He could have testified against Sandusky, and justice could have been served.

Now, a key part of the case is gone, and only time will tell if Sandusky will get what he deserves. While Sandusky and Paterno probably grew close over the years, that is no excuse for Paterno to protect him. Who protected the little boys?