Dear RedZone, clean up after yourselves.

Jessie Hellmann

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Dear RedZone members, 

I walked into the gym after the game versus Kentucky Welseyan Monday, and I was appalled. Shredded issues of The Shield littered the floor in the RedZone areas. While I think it’s disrespectful and childish to destroy our newspaper, I don’t really care. What really bothers me is, your members destroyed our issues, and then left the custodial staff at USI to clean it up. 


I’ve never been so disgusted in my peers and classmates in RedZone. The custodians were left to clean up about 100 shredded issues of The Shield, among numerous pop cups scattered in both RedZone areas. I don’t care what student organization you belong to on campus. I don’t care how high your GPA is, or what Fraternity or Sorority you belong to. It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t mean you are above cleaning up after yourselves. I actually talked to a few members of the custodial staff after the game, and they said the mess was terrible. 


I would think that after graduating high school and moving out on your own, you’d learn to clean up after yourselves. Trash cans exist for a reason. This goes for all students. The next time you make a mess, clean it up, and don’t leave it for someone else to clean up after you. 

And, to the custodial staff at USI: Thank you for your hard work.

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