Letter to the editor

Justin Law

To the Editor:

In order to dissuade any rumors about the “eagle fee” discussed in SGA, we would like to further explain the idea of the Student Special Project Fund. In short, it creates an optional fee separate from regular tuition to support campus growth.

To be clear, the goal of the proposal itself is not to purchase an eagle, as was mistakenly reported. While the twenty-foot tall eagle is what sparked the discussion last year, this proposal is more about possibilities. The goal is to increase the student voice in regards to the direction of the university by providing the students at large with the means to fund special projects that benefit USI, to be directed by a student-run committee. While purchasing the eagle is certainly within the realm of possibility, a student-funded scholarship, co-sponsoring SpringFest, donating to a charity, or any number of other things are as well.

To address certain concerns in the online version of the article, it should be stressed that we are not trying to pass this under anyone’s radar. On the contrary, we are always looking for feedback from the students and faculty. The idea was simply brought up during our General Assembly meeting to get a representative sample of campus opinions, not as a formal resolution. By analyzing the meeting’s discussion, the proposal can be fine-tuned, and better survey questions can be formed.

There’s still research to be done on this, as well as other SGA initiatives. Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated! SGA has an open-door policy, and is located in the lower level of UC East. Emails may be directed to [email protected].


Nick Mathis, AVP of Research and Development

Zack Mathis, AVP of Social and Cultural Affairs”