Rocky Horror "virgin" receives eyeful

Roberto Campos

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Words like slut, whore and asshole were casual phrases thrown out Rocky Horror Picture Show that I recently attended.

Being a Rocky Horror “virgin” I didn’t understand what I was walking into. Besides seeing the Glee episode on Rocky Horror, I knew nothing about the movie or the cult culture I was about to experience.


Before I left campus I caught a glimpse of what the night entailed. I saw guys dressed as girls, and girls dressed as well…very provocatively.

Once I arrived at Mesker Zoo what I saw on campus grew to be in the hundreds, and I thought to myself, “Halloween came early this year and it was mixed with a transvestite heaven.”

I was very curious to see why people go to the lengths they do for this show.

As the film began it seemed like the stereotypical ’70s film that was filled with corny dialogue. But when people started throwing rice like they were at a wedding in the movie I was immediately drawn into the experience that was the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I thought I was just going to go to a movie, people were going to be dressed up and the film was going to be something from left field.

But the people in the audience of Rocky Horror made the film come alive. After doing some research and talking to people who are veterans to the show I found out that it’s supposed to be a stage play.

In my opinion, it seems like attendees try to make it an interactive theatrical play. This is an interesting way to view a movie since you’re usually supposed to be silent.

I found myself waiting to see what the crowd was going to do next rather than following the film. Water guns and throwing toilet paper were my favorite crowd interactions.

One thing I can say about watching Rocky Horror is that I have no idea what the movie is really about. I’m probably going to have to watch it on my own time, but I think the point of seeing it in a large group of people is having the experience of people throwing toilet paper.

I think that’s why people go to this event annually. It’s to be a part of an experience that you can only get once a year. It’s definitely an experience that is strange and you have to be open minded to attended, but its one-of-a-kind. I’ll probably end up attending another Rocky Horror Picture Show at some point because I found it so different and entertaining.