Going Gaga, too much?

Roberto Campos

The MTV music video awards, or VMAs, is always a night full of strange moments, all the most popular artists winning awards and performing artists trying to do it bigger than the previous years.

The 2011 VMAs was no exception to that standard.


And to be honest I feel like the VMAs are a reflection of how dull and manufactured our music industry really is.

Yes, there is good music out there, but you have to sift through layers and layers of manufactured rap, pop and rock music to find it.

But that’s a whole different topic let’s talk about the VMAs.

WTF was with Lady Gaga? In full drag throughout the night Gaga was nowhere to be found…her alter-ego Jo Calderone was the only one attending the show. Opening the show with rock legend Brain May, who I was embarrassed for, Lady Calderone was showing us what we could look forward to the rest of the night.

And it was obnoxious and annoying. Gaga has made a name for herself being over-the-top and full of surprises, but is there seriously anyone surprised anymore?

I think her most annoying moment of that night was her Britney Spears tribute. Between the confusion of who she was trying to be, Calderone or Gaga, and her sob story about how Britney helped her get to where she is now, I still found I did not care. She’s just so in your face about how different she is that I can’t even take her seriously.

I wish I could say this was my last straw for Gaga, but when she tried to be a motorcycle unicorn on her album cover…that did it for me.

Performance wise Young the Giant was the best, all of the other performances were so much alike that after a while I felt like I was watching the same thing.

Now on the other hand we have Lil Wayne. What we can take away from his performance is Lil Wayne can play guitar for a total of three seconds, and he can take his shirt off and jump around while yelling into a microphone.

I guess that qualifies as a performance, but his performance was so sloppy and chaotic, not in the good way, that it reminded me more of a train wreck than a performance. Hopefully his performance doesn’t reflect what Tha Cater IV will be like.

The Best New Artist award is a pretty big deal. Some pretty big names have won that award and are legends in the music such as Nirvana and Eminem.

There were some big names in the running for this award this year. Sadly to my dismay Rebecca Black wasn’t in the running for Friday. Wiz Khalifa seemed like the sure winner with his monster hit Black and Yellow, but Tyler, the Creator pulled an upset. Out of everyone who could have won, I’m glad it was him. He was the only one who seemed truly excited about winning a moon man.

I’ll admit Tyler isn’t my favorite artist and his first album, Goblin, plays off shocking with what he is going to say and lacks anything more than that. But he is the only one on that list that has the guts to do something new and unique. Tyler’s music goes against the mainstream attitude, and the music industry needs more people like that.

Plus, he pretty much called out everyone in that building in his album so I think it’s funny that all those people had to clap for him.

The VMAs is a big occasion for MTV, but it lacks the attitude that it once had. Celebrities who attend the event never do anything exciting, minus Kanye in ’09. The VMAs has turned into an event where celebrities just bask in their glory during their event and we watch it.