Worst Movies of the Summer

Roberto Campos

Let’s face it, this summer hasn’t been the best for movies. We had the occasional breath of fresh air with movies like Harry Potter and Super 8, but this year movies were dull instead action packed. As summer movies wind down and a more drama filled movie season comes in, here are my top three picks for worst movies of the summer.

At number one we have The Hangover Part II. This movie was a mess, it was literally the first movie but instead of it being in Vegas it was in Bangkok. If you want proof, the first scene in both movies are identical. I would give this movie more credit if would had actually tried to be something different and didn’t relay so much on Alan to get laughs. I’m a big fan of comedies, and the first Hangover, but this movie only caught a few chuckles from me. Even the packed theater I was in gave few laughs for this so-called comedy. Something I noticed about the sequel is, unlike its predecessor, no one was really quoting any lines from the movie. This leads me to believe this movie sold tickets based off of hype and not raving reviews from people who liked it. Overall this movie made its money, and there are already rumors about a third installment. Maybe next time they can get it right.

My next pick is Transformer: Dark of the Moon or as I call it Sam Witwicky’s third coming of age film. Although this movie isn’t as bad as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, it’s not far behind. I feel like Michael Bay tried to do something different this time- he tried to care about the story. In a failed attempt he devoted the first hour and a half to Sam trying to find a job and keep his girlfriend from leaving him for her boss. Needless to say part of the movie is completely pointless to the rest of the movie and occasionally threw in facts that you would need to know later on. Bay is known for action and he gives it to you relentlessly. The big battle is about an hour long and was the most exhausting hour I’ve experienced in a movie. During the battle everything moved so fast you couldn’t tell who was fighting who unless it was Bumble Bee or Optimus Prime. The action was done big, but it was gigantic mess robots killing robots. I love action movies but you have to give me a reason to care about the characters because I could have cared less who won that battle and if Sam kept his girlfriend.

Last but not least is Bad Teacher and was it bad. The whole movie played on the gimmick that Cameron Diaz’s character was a badass, and she didn’t care about anything but herself. That is literally what the whole movie is, and the joke they play off of the whole time. I love Justin Timberlake in Social Network, but in this movie he definitely fell from grace. His character was so annoying and dumb I just wanted to look away whenever he was on screen. I wouldn’t even recommend this movie to someone I didn’t like. It just played on how vulgar and racy it could be. So do yourself a favor and skip this one.

In a summer of mediocre films these three were definitely the worst of the worst.