Musings of a nerdy Opinion editor

Justin Law


Everybody has them.

Some are just more forthcoming with their opinions than others. As opinion editor of The Shield, I have had the opportunity to see some great opinions get published this year, and it has been a great year.

Running a section of the newspaper isn’t easy and getting people to write their opinions down for publication is even more difficult. Some people wrote for the section only once, while others came back almost weekly. To those who only submitted an opinion once, I wish you would have written more. To those who wrote more often, it has been great to work with you and see all of you grow in your writing and your opinions.

When The Shield opens for business again in August there will be a new opinion editor sitting at the desk, as I have been selected as next year’s Editor-In-Chief. In fact, most of the staff next year is new faces. I have no doubt that the new opinion editor, and the other incoming editors, will bring fresh ideas to The Shield’s pages.

The paper, as a whole, as grown in leaps and bounds over the course of this year. Our current Editor-In-Chief, Zach Evans, has done an amazing job. Next year I hope to continue with the trend and, together with next year’s staff, take the paper to even greater levels.

Thank you to The Shield staff and to the writers for offering constant feedback and making this a fantastic year for this nerdy opinion editor.