Wash your young

Justin Law

There is something that I’ve never been able to understand when I go out on the town. Parents, why do you let your kids leave the house looking like they’ve mud wrestled with a pig?

Friday, I went to see my parents and sister and we all went out to dinner. While the four of us were waiting on our food, a family walked in and the look on my dad’s face was enough to make me turn and see what had drawn his attention.

A boy, probably about 10 years old, stood behind me in dingy shorts with an equally dirty, stretched out t-shirt only half tucked into his shorts. His hair was stringy and sweaty looking and he was a bit overweight for his size.

He stood silently while his family visited with other people.

Almost instantly, I started judging.

There is no reason why a parent should let his or her child leave the house looking so nasty, especially when going out to eat.

I understand that kids will be kids.

They like to play hard and get dirty, and it’s more than okay to let them. Howeve,r the kid isn’t made of sugar. I promise he won’t disappear if you drop him in the tub.

The blame isn’t only on the parents. There is enough to give the kid a healthy dose as well. This boy was old enough to know better than to go out looking like Oscar the Grouch. Even if he hadn’t been given enough time to shower, a fresh pair of clothes and a hat to hide that stringy, sweaty hair would have helped matters a lot.

Parents often like to throw the phrase “pride and joy” around when talking about their kids.

So take care of this child you claim to have pride and joy in. Teach them respectable values, such as good hygiene, because let’s face it, when you go out to eat and the rest of the people in the restaurant can’t enjoy their meal because they smell your kid, that’s going to be one uncomfortable dinner for everyone involved.