Letter to the editor

Justin Law

In response to “USI, an ‘ego stroke,’” from The Shield, Dec. 9. I too found my freshman year to be not much of a challenge.  However, I did not blame the school or professors for this — I felt this was based on my natural abilities and hard working personality.  High school was the same way for me.

I participated in the December 11 graduation ceremonies, earning my degree in English education and graduating Cum Laude.  After taking four years of English classes, I can tell you this with confidence: the challenge is coming.

There are no words to describe the way my professors and classes at USI have helped me grow.  I have become an entirely different person because of these classes.  Yes, you will have some easy classes and bad professors, but I can promise you that you will be intellectually stimulated and mentally challenged.  And, there will be classes you have to drag yourself to every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and you will hate that.

You will also find that you will be wishing for those freshman classes back when you’re writing two eight to 10 page papers over obscure literature that you’re not entirely sure you understood in the first place. We all take bullshit classes that we don’t want to deal with; that’s part of college.  Trust me, once you start taking the classes you were expecting according to this article, you’ll have plenty more to complain about.

Patti O’Hagan
Recent USI Graduate