Ratemyprofessors.com: cruel or constructive?

Justin Law

Learning about your professors’ teaching methods before you meet them can be scary, which is why ratemyprofessors.com helps you find professors students have taken before and have rated on the website.

Ratemyprofessors.com rates the professors on overall quality, helpfulness, clarity, easiness and even how attractive the professor is. All of these ratings are on a five-point scale.

Even though the website can help you find a professor, you probably shouldn’t look he or she up after you’ve already made your schedule.

After looking up my professors, I became more scared of the upcoming semester with all the negative comments past students had posted.

The comments made me paranoid that the professors were going to be more difficult than what I expected. Students were saying things like “gives lots of tests,” “horrible personality” and “doesn’t offer much help.”

Hearing those comments made me want to change my schedule, but it was too late. I was stuck with the professors I first signed up with. In the end, however, I was glad it wouldn’t let me change.

After having class with the professors I was scared to face, I could see that some of the students that were giving bad reviews were just mad about their grades and wanted to vent about it. Giving them low ratings, which is also done during class evaluations, isn’t fair to the professor when students don’t put effort forth.

These disgruntled students were wrong about all of my professors. Yeah, sure, some of them are boring to listen to, but not every professor is going to be lively and enthusiastic every day of class.
So if you do put a rating up on ratemyprofessors.com, then make sure it is at least an honest rating.