Cancer is cancer

Justin Law

In the UC, there have been students selling t-shirts for breast cancer awareness. It makes sense, because this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Do you want to bet we’ll be seeing more shirts being sold even after this month is over?

Now, before I get chased out of here with torches and pitchforks, let me say I think raising money for cancer research is awesome.

Now, the bone I have to pick (you all knew there was going to be one) is with the constant bombardment about breast cancer.

It’s not that I think we should ignore the fact that people have it, but what about concentrating on cancer as a whole instead of just different types?

Cancer is just as deadly in your liver as it is in your breasts.

So why is it we hear way more about breast cancer, especially on campus, than we do any other?

I personally can’t choose one type of cancer over another to support. They all are horrible and deserve equal attention.

What defines something as cancerous is that it has to be a tumor of damaged cells that are reproducing and damaging the body. The only things that differentiate types of cancer are where they start and what caused them. In fact, the cancer that kills you doesn’t have to be the one that you started off with.

My grandmother had cancer in her uterus. The doctor’s thought they ha eradicated it, but it traveled in her blood stream to her brain. So was it uterus cancer or brain cancer that killed her?


It was just cancer.