Top five men's and women's basetball games to go to for basketball tab

Lucas Snider

North Carolina vs. Duke, Indiana vs. Purdue, and Kentucky vs. Louisville. These games all have one thing in common, they are rivalry games. On every team’s schedule, they are games that are must-win games. They are the games that the team needs to win to solidify its season and gain an advantage. Whether it’s a conference foe or a team on that your school just can’t stand, There is that game that your school has to win. Here are the top five games on the USI men’s and women’s schedules that you have to attend.


Men’s games

5.  William Jewell College 1/12 Away at 7:30

4. Drury University 1/7 Home at 3:15

3. Northern Kentucky 1/28 Home at 3:15 and 2/18 Away at 2:15

2. Kentucky Wesleyan 1/16 home at 7:30 and 2/23 Away at 7:30

1. Bellarmine 1/26 Away at 7:00 and 2/16 Home at 7:30



Women’s games’

5. Missouri Science and Technology 1/5 Home at 5:15

4. St. Joseph’s College 1/21 Home at 1:00 and 2/2 Away at 5:30

3 Kentucky Wesleyan 1/16 Home at 5:15 and 2/23 Away at 5:15

2. University of Indianapolis 1/19 Home at 5:15 and 2/4 Away at 12:00

1. Northern Kentucky University 1/28 Home at 1:00 and 2/18 Away at 12:00