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Running Club established as official club

Running around campus is a regular occurrence for many USI students. Some are cross country runners while others are just regular students trying to get in some exercise.

“I wanted to start a club to get everyone that runs on campus, together in one group,” Running Club founder Jeff Andrews.

Andrews came up with the idea of having a running club two years ago while he ran on campus. He contacted Kathy Jones of the Student Activities board, and the running club was officially born.

The club started meeting regularly and running together at the beginning of school last year. The group consisted of about 10 members of all different skill levels and abilities.

“We just want to get people together that love to run,” Running Club presdient Ellen Allen.

Runners who are involved in the club can run anywhere from half mile to 10 miles at one meeting.

“Depending on your abilities, you can use the running club as a support group or use it as a tool to run in competitions,” Allen said.

The Running Club has made tremendous strides from its inception a couple of years ago. As of this year, the club has become an official club sport.

The runners involved will have the opportunity to run in club sport competitions throughout the year, and will be able to compete at the national running club meet on Oct. 22 in Michigan.

Allen and vice president Abby Preher currently lead a group of 17 members.

“Our main goal is to be able to run against other running clubs competitively and to help people become better runners,” Allen said.

Preher started her running club experience by meeting with a group of around six people, which would run around three to five miles a day.

“Ellen and I are looking forward to running with a bigger group this year and training for races,” Preher said.

“I am looking forward to competing against collegiate runners, push myself and winning competitions,” freshman Jake Hiner said. Hiner is one of several new members to the running club this year. “I found out about the running club through Facebook,” Hiner said.

The club has its own Facebook page and sends out weekly emails which provide information about the group and encourages new members to join.

The club is supported and encouraged by current cross country and track coach Mike Hillyard.

Hillyard, the club’s advisor, has embraced the idea of more USI students wanting to run. Running Club members are even recommended, if capable, to run with the cross country team during their practices to help develop their running skills.

The club plans on having different fundraising events, such as carwashes and dinners, to help raise money to participate in different running club events.

The club not only wants to help students become better runners, but the club also wants to build solid relationships within the group. The club plans on having parties once a month, where they will have activities planned other than running.

The club will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6 p.m. and Fridays at 5 p.m.

The first run of the year will be on Wednesday Aug. 31 at the Frisbee golf course.