“Red Notice” is the action movie you don’t want to miss


Photo courtesy of Netflix

Reynolds, Johnson and Gadot pose for “Red Notice” promotional image. “Red Notice” is Netflix’s newest heist movie.

Tegan Ruhl, Staff Writer

Do you like heist movies? Do you like thrilling adventures filled with twists and turns? If so,“Red Notice” is the movie for you. 

John Hartley (Dwayne Johnson) is an FBI agent who specializes in investigating art crime. He’s traveling to Rome to stop notorious art thief Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds) from stealing one of Cleopatra’s jeweled eggs.

When an inconvenient mix up lands both Hartley and Booth in prison by The Bishop (Gal Gadot), the two decide to team up and steal all of Cleopatra’s eggs before The Bishop can get to them. Hartley and Booth embark on a thrilling adventure filled with high-speed chases, bullets, mystery and most importantly, friendship. 

“Red Notice” was actually a lot of fun to watch and exceeded my expectations. 

When I learned that Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds were going to be in the movie together, I was excited and disinterested at the same time. I was excited because I thought that Johnson and Reynolds was the star-studded crossover we needed. At the same time, I was unimpressed because I thought the casting would make the film flat with cheesy dialogue that would just make it a terrible movie. 

What I got instead was an action film that got my heart pumping, had me laughing in between stunts and by the end, had me gasping. 

“Red Notice” was a well crafted action movie. Within ten minutes of the movie, I was already experiencing the first chase scene. 

The action was never dry and was always put together nicely. There were many parts throughout the film that made my heart race, keeping me engaged with what was happening on screen. 

The dialogue in the movie is clever. Hartley and Booth act as opposites to each other with Hartley trying to keep his composure while Booth makes witty comments. 

The dialogue only gets better as Hartley and Booth begin to bond as partners. We see them turn from enemies to best friends, and the dialogue almost doesn’t change. We just get more witty comments and comebacks from the two characters. What more can you expect from Johnson and Reynolds? 

The plot of “Red Notice” is praiseworthy. Not only is it bold and exciting, but it flows well too. I was never confused while watching the movie. There were no plot holes or weird jumps between scenes at all. Everything was straightforward and did not take away anything from the movie. 

However, I would still consider “Red Notice” to be one of those stereotypical heist, break-in-and-steal movies. You can probably predict what’s going to happen next. 

Nevertheless, the movie was still good. Not top tier good but good enough that I would recommend it to my friends, family or colleagues.Therefore, I’d give this movie a 3.5 out of 5. 

If you don’t like action or comedy (specifically Ryan Reynolds), then I would not recommend this movie. But if you’re looking for an entertaining movie where you can laugh with your friends and family, then I highly recommend “Red Notice.”