Netflix’s ‘Locke & Key’ full of unique mysteries, relatable characters

“Locke & Key” seems to open a new door to mystery at every unexpected moment.

The recently released Netflix series, based on a comic book series from the minds of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, exceeds all expectations as the Locke family dives into a new, adventurous and magical world.

After a tragic death, Nina Locke and her three kids pack their bags and move cross-country, to an old house in Massachusetts called Keyhouse. The kids soon realize that the house is more than a house, and a key can be more than just a key. A number of mysterious keys discovered throughout the property are soon revealed to open locks to different magical gifts. However, with the keys comes a being hungry for their power. 

“Locke & Key” keeps the audience on their toes with various subtle clues planted everywhere in the series. The mystery in every episode also brings the audience along for the adventure with captivating riddles, yet there is a sprinkle of horror and humor that makes “Locke & Key” all-around enjoyable.

The adventure follows Nina, a grieving widow, and her kids, Tyler, Kinsey and Bode. Each character can be relatable with their realistic qualities. For example, Nina wants the best for her children and moving was part of that plan. She grieves alone and holds up a strong-front for her kids. 

Tyler and Kinsey are classic teenagers, annoyed about the move and leaving all of their friends behind. Bode, on the other hand, is still a child and thinks of the house and move as an adventure, which he later finds out to be literally true. Tyler and Kinsey bicker like any normal brother and sister, but they are there for each other when needed. When a demon starts coming after them, they protect each other and especially Bode.

Tyler and Kinsey make the best out of their new school lives, but past trauma haunts them as they attempt to build new relationships. They eventually find people they can trust and bring them into their world of magical keys and mysterious doors. 

“Locke & Key” is unique and entertaining. The characters show development, good and bad, but it makes the series even more intriguing to watch. There are a lot of intertwining clues that bring the audience along in the mysteries. 

“Locke & Key” leaves a lot of questions, and an intriguing cliffhanger, so the audience wants to come back and watch more of this thrilling adventure.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)