Is there enough care for students put into USI’s funding?

The first thing we hear in our high school career is, “where are you going to college?” This question haunts us until we eventually decide where we will spend the next four years of our education. 

The question on the table now — is there enough care going into higher education? 

The answer is no. 

Housing, multiple classroom buildings and food services could use increased funding when it comes to where our hard-earned money goes. 

The housing situation on campus is ridiculous, especially when it comes to the un-renovated buildings. These apartment buildings tend to be infested with bugs, utilities don’t work and students quickly become frustrated with how their apartments look older compared to others. 

USI should boost funding toward making housing more liveable compared to how it is now, especially within the O’Daniel South community who face issues such as brown recluse spiders.

Another issue is some of the campus buildings. For example, the Art Center has no accessible restrooms for people with disabilities.

The Orr Center is another issue. English classes are shoved into the building along with numerous administrative offices. There could be more funds to create a building just for administrative offices so that there’s more room for classrooms. 

Each major at this university has its own level of difficulty despite what others may think and it’s time the campus respects this. 

In terms of food services, items such as milk and bread are overpriced with milk being close to four dollars and bread being around the same amount in the C-Store. This is ridiculously overpriced for students who are already struggling to make ends meet. This shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Tuition’s affordable at USI especially compared to other universities like IU or Ball State. There was a 2% tuition increase for the 2019-2020 school year, but what I want to know is where exactly our money is going? 

With an excess amount of money coming in, I feel like there should be other parts of campus getting a makeover. 

Especially the door that continuously breaks in the library. 

USI is amazing, but there is still work to do.