Academic calendar change benefits students

The new academic calendar change is heading students’ way next fall and some are worried about not having that extra day to study before finals. 

Study days give students much needed time to catch up on school work and study materials one last time. Students now won’t have that extra time to study course work before they take exams after graduation since the university is doing away with the study days in May and December. 

Exams will fall before graduation rather than afterward with the removal of the study days. This takes away the gap students had in the past between study day and finals. 

It made sense to have a study day dedicated for students to refresh their minds before the hectic time of graduation with finals following close behind when exams were after graduation. 

 Now that exams will occur before, students can get them out of the way and enjoy graduation more. There will no longer be a nagging feeling of having to come back to campus to take exams and wondering if they will negatively affect any grades. 

Students will still have the time to study until finals without the worry of having a gap in between. The removal of the last study day could be a good thing. 

For a lot of students, study days seem like time off school. It can be difficult to stay on track and not spend that time on other things since there are no classes on those days. It is tempting to take advantage of the break to catch up on recreational activities rather than academic ones, such as studying. 

Students will need to work time into their busy schedules without having a dedicated study day on the school calendar. There are many tools and practices out there that can help students get the best use of their time. 

With the study day soon to be removed, it is important for students to understand what works best for them when they begin to study for finals.