‘NiNoKuni’ takes audience on whimsical adventure


When it comes to saving loved ones, two average teenagers are willing to do anything in “NiNoKuni.” 

“NiNoKuni,” an animated film, follows best friends Haru and Yu in an unexpected adventure to save their friend Kotona from danger. When all three find themselves in a near-death experience, Haru and Yu are transported to another world, NiNoKuni.

Haru and Yu aren’t entirely sure how the worlds are linked, but throughout their journey, they start to develop different points of view on how to save Kotona. Love pushes the two apart, and Haru and Yu are forced to be on different sides. 

The characteristics of Haru and Yu are unusual but creates a unique dynamic. They aren’t like characters from other animations. Haru easily gets jealous to a point that makes it questionable, and Yu’s physical ability is, not unlikely, but rare to see in animations. With their set characteristics, it’s interesting to follow their decisions and interactions with one another.

With peculiar characters comes an intriguing plot, and the plot of “NiNoKuni” is packed full of intertwined information. The storyline is easy to follow, despite how many details are given. 

The ending does not exactly fit in with the rest of the film despite everything seeming to come full circle. Haru’s conclusion seems out of place because it’s not backed up factually. Nothing leads to this resolution. Regardless, “NiNoKuni” engages the audience with an interesting story of two linked worlds. 

The animation of the film provided a colorful world. Not much is known about the world NiNoKuni. It would’ve been interesting to learn more about how exactly NiNoKuni is linked to Haru’s and Yu’s world and why they’re specifically linked. Although a lot of information is given throughout the film, there could’ve been a lot more done on explanation. 

“NiNoKuni” is a great movie to watch for entertainment. The film is packed with action and world-building that keeps the audience interested. The film focuses on the relation between Haru and Yu and their link to NiNoKuni, but besides that, there isn’t much to “NiNoKuni.”

Women don’t play a huge role throughout the film, and it’s a bit disappointing. It’s as if the film didn’t have enough time to expand on the character development of its female characters. 

Kotona and Princess Astrid of NiNoKuni are important characters to the film, but their presence seems belittled. Neither character can do much in the situation they are placed in. 

Despite the flaws in “NiNoKuni,” the film was enjoyable. Overall “NiNoKuni” is cute and whimsical and makes it feel like the film is targeted toward a younger audience.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)