‘Little Women’ follows journey of growing up, sisterhood


“Little Women” drags the audience in for an emotional ride with the 2019 film adaption. 

The film inspired by the novel written by Louisa May Alcott follows a beautiful, treasured story about sisterhood as the March sisters approach adulthood. 

Each sister is unique in their own way. Jo aspires to be a writer, Amy wishes to be an artist. Meg dreams of making it big as an actress but discovers a new satisfaction to life through love. Beth keeps to herself but only wants to please those around her. 

As Jo is the protagonist, the three sisters follow close behind. The March sisters befriend their neighbors, Laurie and Mr. Laurence, along with Laurie’s tutor John. The warm atmosphere that follows the sisters creates and spreads fun wherever they go.

The March sisters’ distinctness from one another creates opportunities for fights but shows the reality between sisters that anyone with a sister could relate to. In “Little Women,” Amy wants to follow her big sister Jo around, but when she is left behind, Amy seeks revenge that leaves Jo in an unforgiven state. But like all sisters, they eventually forgive each other.

The framing of the movie was set up by switching back-in-forth between the past and present. The way the movie is filmed can be confusing at first, but the scenes become easier to depict as the movie continues. Alongside the March sisters, the audience watches the girls grow up to become what we already know them to be. The chronological jumbling of the story forces the audience to pay close attention.

The ending was left up to the audience’s imagination, which lets the audience be a part of the story. This can be problematic, as some people prefer having a straightforward ending, but the way the ending is filmed doesn’t affect the quality of the movie. 

The film adaption brings the audience into the world of “Little Women.” The story takes place during and after the Civil War, and an insight into how war-affected families during the time is brought to light briefly. Life in Paris and life in New York City throughout the late 1800s are brought to the screen, bringing the audience back to an enriching world, a time of change. 

“Little Women” is an enjoyable and touching story filled with the warmth of sisters being sisters to the heartbreaking tragedy of what is lost. The movie inspires others to go after their ambitions. “Little Women” is a stunning adaptation that shouldn’t be missed. 

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)