USI roundabout drivers are wrecking havoc

Driving onto University Boulevard should be an easy task but instead, students and faculty are almost constantly faced with reckless drivers. 

The roundabout seems to be a huge factor when it comes to accidents on campus. An accident that occurred recently on Oct. 30 at the roundabout caused the car to have to be towed. Then another accident followed the same day, causing a three-car accident on the way to the on-ramp to University Parkway. 

Having two accidents on the roundabout on the same day is a huge example of drivers not taking their time when it comes to driving and making their way to classes. 

The roundabout on campus should help traffic flow more easily, yet it seems like it only makes it harder. People do not follow the yield signs but instead blow right through them and if they aren’t careful, they hit other cars. This is frustrating for students who abide by the yield signs and are stuck waiting for the ones who don’t. 

It seems like some students and faculty aren’t willing to slow down and follow traffic laws when it comes to making it to class or leaving for the day. When driving on campus and pulling up to the roundabout, I always take my time and make sure to look, because nine times out of ten, other drivers aren’t. I would rather be late to class than to be sideswiped by a car not paying attention. 

Drivers want to try passing other drivers on their way to campus and they don’t pay enough attention to their surroundings, which causes these accidents.

There has been more than one incident on my way to campus when a car has cut me off when merging onto the ramp, which has caused me to have to stomp on my breaks. Luckily, I have not been in an accident.  Not only could accidents really hurt people, but they could cause other students and faculty to be late for the day. 

Parking is a huge hassle here at USI, and not just because of the limited amount of spots but rather how students and faculty will blindly pull out of a parking spot without looking first. This has happened to me on numerous occasions and has caused me to have to back up quickly in order not to be hit. 

I want to be able to drive to campus and know that I can safely come to and from the parking lot. 

Students and faculty need to watch their surroundings  or else there could be serious repercussions, or maybe there needs to be something done to improve the roundabout to ensure more safety