Students in housing need more education on fire safety

Some students are accident-prone no matter how hard they try to avoid it.

This is especially true for students who try to cook. As students continue to be left alone with things that can kill them, more fires have been spreading throughout USI.

If you cause more than one fire in an apartment, you shouldn’t be allowed to do adult things like cooking and paying bills. The biggest cause of these fires is simple cooking mistakes, like putting mac and cheese on the stove or in the microwave without water or leaving the oven on when students leave the apartments. 

The students of the USI need to be less forgetful and figure out how to cook properly before the fire department gets called again because this is a waste of time not only for public safety and firefighters but also for other students. If the fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night, students lose much-needed sleep. If it goes off in the morning or afternoon, students lose valuable study time or moments of relaxation.        

The fire alarms are going off like crazy. Recently a grease fire broke out in Leslie’s apartment on Oct. 26. where two women were injured attempting to put it out with water, which only made it worse. 

So why is this a problem with college students? 

They can’t seem to cook without the fire alarms going off every five minutes. 

Are today’s students just that bad at fire management? Are students so accident-prone that they need constant supervision every time they use the microwave? I distinctly remember a 10-minute discussion on grease fires in junior high school and never discussed it again, so I wonder how much other schools put into the teaching of how to handle different kinds of fires. 

This is extremely dangerous. People don’t know how to handle fires, and the amount of fire alarm incidents shows that. It’s sad that we don’t know or understand such an important safety problem. You would think that a bunch of soon-to-be-cooking college students would be educated on this topic.           

Whatever the case, the fire alarms are being used too often and kitchens are suffering. They’re starting to make Spencer from iCarly look like an example of safety. 

USI needs a bigger fire safety presentation.