Boil advisory hits campus; housing and food services offering bottled water

Riley Guerzini, Editor-in-Chief

The Evansville Water and Sewage Utility has placed a boil advisory on the university’s campus as well as in housing due to a main water line break on North Red Bank Road.

The impacted areas include north of the Ohio River, south of Mill Road, west of St. Joe Avenue and east of the Posey County Line.

Housing and Residence Life is providing bottled drinking water for housing students and employees at the HRL office as well as the front desk of each residence hall.

The EWSU is advising students, faculty, staff and administrators to boil water for at least 10 minutes before using along with using bottled water to brush teeth or cook. Water bottles have been placed on water fountains across the university.

Bottled water has been sent to all departments and schools for faculty and staff and in main academic building lobbies according to USI’s twitter page.

Rebecca Diamond, assistant director of dining services, said all restaurants will be open except Red Mango and Starbucks.

“That is pretty much because having to haul ice over for the smoothies and stuff and we cannot use the espresso machine because it will ruin it along with the coffee brewers and the hot water spigot,” she said. “To be safe they have to reach 180 degrees in this instance and they do not.”

Diamond said Sodexo brought in bottled water and ice, but they are trying to use it sparingly. The other restaurants are providing bottled beverages instead of fountain drinks. Diamond said they put in an emergency order with Coca-Cola and Pepsi to have more drinks delivered to campus.

Sodexo employees have large vats of water that they have boiled to use for hand-washing in each food-serving unit.

“We’ve got chemicals in our three-compartment sinks that good for sanitizing under these conditions,” she said. “For our dishwashers, the final rinse reaches 180 degrees so all of our cookware is safe.”

Diamond said students should be patient as they are working around the problem.

“I know it’s an inconvenience and the people with the fills on their tumblers, of course we won’t be able to honor those while the fountains are down,” she said. “As soon as we get word, we will have to sanitize the ice makers on our coke fountains and things like that. Even though they say it’s over, there are still some things we need to take care of before we go back to business as usual.”