No superstitions in basketball


Nik Cunningham, Sports Editor

Rodney Watson, head coach of the men’s basketball team,  believes everyone has a superstition, although he doesn’t always have one.

“Superstitions are kinda like throwing salt over your shoulder,” Rodney Watson, head coach for the men’s basketball team, said, “…I think it’s personal preference.”

Of all the things Watson thought the interview was going to be about, he would never have guessed that the questions would be about superstitions. 

“Superstitions have no true bearing on outcomes,” Watson said. “I think it’s just our physique get through the pressure of it all.”

While Watson says he doesn’t believe in superstitions, he does get into one sometimes.

“I’ll get into a certain pair of shoes,” Watson said. “Again it’s silly. It has no consequence just kinda like… I don’t know. I laugh at it because it’s really… It has no bearing and once in a while, I’ll get caught up and it’ll be like ‘I’ll put these shoes on and I’ll wear these’ and it’s all just silliness.”

Watson said superstitions are kind of like a joke, something you would do to ease tension or mess with a friend.

“If anything, it’s kind of a joke every once in while with, you know, whatever,” Watson said. “No I really don’t fall too much into the superstitions. I have no belief in it, but it’s kind of fun once in a while to see how far something will roll out.”

That being said Watson does believe it would be funny to see what the players have to say.

“That’s sort of a fun thing to ask to ask the player if they have any superstitions,” Watson said. “It’ll be interesting to see what they say.”

On the contrary, there was not much to say when asking Darnell Butler, a senior guard.

“I think all teams take their own shape and form occasionally. I don’t put any credence in a superstition, but I think it’s more than anything, a way to have fun,” Waston said.