Softball senior day wins double header

The USI softball team had their senior night Saturday along with a doubleheader against Missouri University of Science & Technology.

In the bottom of the first inning, sophomore infielder and outfielder Alicia Webb got an RBI scoring the first run in the game.

“It’s a good feeling,” Webb said. “When you can score first you can set an exclamation mark for the other team or the game in general.”

The USI Screaming Eagles kept this up throughout the entire first game defeating the S&T Minors, 8-0.

“I love this team,” Webb said. “They’re really fun to be around, we’re like a family. We do everything together.”

“A lot of people have good attitudes and not very much drama, which is hard to do with a lot of girls in one dugout and always being together,” Webb said.

In the top of the second inning, the S&T Miners scored twice in the second game, but the USI Eagles stopped it there.

While the Eagle’s softball team stopped the Miners from gaining runs, USI did not get a run until the bottom of the fourth inning, gained by senior second baseman Claire Johnson, leaving the score 2-1 with Missouri winning.

The USI Screaming Eagles softball team roared back to life just in time at the bottom of the sixth inning, gaining two runs in one spectacular RBI by senior second baseman Claire Johnson, surpassing Missouri University 3-2 and winning the game.

This year the USI softball team will be saying goodbye to some of its best players: catcher and infielder, Lindsey Barr; pitcher and outfielder Caitlyn Bradley, infielder Claire Johnson and pitcher, and infielder Haylee Smith.