‘The Perfect Date’ predictable, yet enjoyable


The conversion from cable networks like DirecTv and WOW! to streaming platforms like Hulu has caused a major change in the consumption and competition of media.

The saturation of media apps has caused the streaming giant, Netflix, to flood its users with new content to keep its users satisfied. This action resulted in the creation of “The Perfect Date” which follows the plot line of a classic romantic comedy aimed at young audiences which stars Netflix’s heartthrob, Noah Centineo.

After Centineo’s role in the teen film, “To All the Boy I’ve Loved Before,” he has been in two original movies counting “The Perfect Date” and has gained a major following. His charm and good looks continue to add to Netflix’s success in the romantic film business.

The plot of the “Perfect Date” is the events that occur after a high school boy, named Brooks Ratigan, is paid to take Celia Lieberman to prom. Brooks sees this as a chance to build up his income and his resume by making dating service for people, but the dates must involve no sexual activity.

Brooks desperately wants to attend Yale, so he and his friend, Murph, create an app to help Brooks’ dating service happen. The subsequent search for oneself and filling the empty void begins and continues to be a major theme throughout the film.

One interesting character I would have preferred to see more on the screen is Celia. She could have easily been turned into the female heroine from “She’s All That,” yet Celia is confident and unwilling to bend to the needs of others.

The one moment where she does change her looks does not change who she is or how she acts. Rather, the audience gets to see her hold firm to her own beliefs. Brooks is an interesting character but is quite predictable. To see Celia’s development and her experiences would have been provided more meat to the story.

The film does depict one aspect of relationships well. The importance of conversation and enjoying each other’s company is spoken about and stressed quite often. In one scene, Brooks is walking with a woman who has lost her husband of 20 years.

She discusses how it was the conversations she had with her husband which she truly misses. One can easily see the impact of speaking to one another and being able to be comfortable. Teen-romantic comedies often depict sex scenes, but rarely do they ever have moments where two characters are getting to know each other.

Is “The Perfect Date” a cheesy romantic comedy that is easily predictable? Yes, but it also has some merit to it. It is not Netflix’s greatest original film, but it is definitely not their worst. This film is perfect for a date night or for people like me who really enjoy a good ending and a predictable storyline sometimes because real life itself is unpredictable and doesn’t always end the way we would like it to.

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)