Looking back on ‘Avengers’ franchise before ‘Endgame’


The Avengers is a popular franchise and has amazing movies. Each one represents each hero as a real person, making mistakes that normal people would, but ones we don’t expect heroes to make.

“Avengers: Endgame” comes out on the April 26, and soon enough fans will finally get answers to what happens next. Are the rumors about Captain America’s death true? Is Captain Marvel the one to beat Thanos? Are Captain America and Iron Man going to make up already? Is Hawkeye going to play a larger role in this movie? Why is Gamora?

The Avengers have come a long way since their first movie. The team didn’t exactly hit the ground running. Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff had an immediate distrust for one another. Clint Barton was under Loki’s control for the first half of the movie. Steve Rogers and Tony Stark’s personalities clashed with one another in almost an instant. Thor wanted to get Loki in check and attempted to defend his brother but admitted he is adopted.

As the movie progressed, these six individuals became a team, ending the movie with grabbing shawarma after everything was over. It was a nice way to end their first movie, leaving us with an idea of possible tension between certain teammates, but showing that they’re able to work together nonetheless.

In “Age of Ultron,” their ability to work as a team is much more obvious in the beginning. They were able to work together to get Loki’s scepter from a Hydra base, where it was discovered that Tony Stark’s worst fear was seeing his friends dead and the world in danger from an invasion. His solution: Ultron, who ended up, as Bruce Banner puts it “being a murder-bot.”

When things turned out for the worst, the team was divided once again, but eventually, they worked together to save Sokovia, with the help of Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff and Vision. The movie ended with the team supposedly working out their differences, but like in the previous movie, it showed Tony Stark’s division from his team.

“Infinity War” was an emotional rollercoaster, to say the least. Two years after “Civil War,” Thanos was finally ready to go for the Infinity Stones himself. More tension was set in as the Avengers were still broken up and Bruce Banner was back after almost four years.

All of the heroes had to come together to fight Thanos, but in the end, they all lost someone they loved. Steve Rogers lost his closest friends and Tony was left stranded on Planet Titan. “Infinity War” was by far the most emotional movie out of the three so far, leaving a lot of people in the movie theaters crying at the heartbreaking end.

The Avengers have come a long way, and everyone is ready to finally see how “Endgame” is going to end the story of the Avengers. The heroes are willing to sacrifice everything to reverse the snap. Let’s just hope Loki was right, and that the light will shine once again.  

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)