Disney’s ‘Dumbo’ flies in with new version, powerful message


A live action remake of Disney’s animated film “Dumbo” was released Friday. The director of this remake is the widely renowned Tim Burton, who is known for films like “A Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Big Fish.”

The cast mixes with both new and seasoned actors that bring the atmosphere of the movie to life. Colin Farrell and Eva Greenhead the film and help create a world both terrifying and magical. Michael Keaton plays the villainous Mr. Vanderveer whose performance falls flat.

The theme of misfits overcoming obstacles film stuck to the theme of the predecessor while also adding new twists. For example, there is evidence of an interracial couple in the film’s storyline.

The deceased mother was African American while the living father is Caucasian. The family lived together in a traveling circus which makes the idea of such a couple realistic because the atmosphere of a circus is known as being absurd.

Yet, it seems implausible of this being allowed in the time of World War 1. “Loving vs. Virginia” was not passed until 1967, so the marriage of Holt and Annie would likely have caused the pursuit of legal action.

“Dumbo” moves from the wonders of animals to the wonders of humans. The capacity to love and to fight for what is right is the core of “Dumbo”. Yes, Dumbo’s ability to fly is mesmerizing, but the power of the Ferrier family and Maximilien and his troupe are the shining heroes of this story.

“Dumbo” teaches people the power of love, family and courage while also challenging our idea of what a family is. A family is not always a mother, father and child. Instead, a family is a group of people who love each other and help one another fight through their battles.

Sometimes a family includes more than what is accepted, but rather what is rejected.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)