PAC Comeback

Men’s basketball takes down UIndy in final PAC showdown

Rodney Watson said the Senior Night game was something no one would be able to ever forget.

“To win a game dramatically like that… no one will ever be able to forget, whether it was the players, the coaches, the fans,” the head men’s basketball coach said. “That kind of took place of the thrill of getting in the new building.”

The last game was held in the PAC Saturday, followed by a win against Indianapolis 67-65.

“I can’t really get the words.” Kobe Caldwell, a junior guard and forward, said. “It was a good feeling… I feel like we sent (the seniors) off on a good note.”

Caldwell said he is excited to play on the new court.

“I have a lot of excitement just because we finally get to move into there, but just to continue on the USI tradition and having a good program, basketball wise, and also off the court, attracting more people to our games. It’s  going to be a big thing,” Caldwell said.

Caldwell said he thinks the new arena will draw more attention to the team and excite high schoolers to play for the university.

“I think that the new stadium is going to be a great addition to the basketball team and not only basketball, but volleyball and other sports that are played in there,” Nate Hanson added.

Hanson, a senior guard and forward, said that the Screaming Eagles played as hard as they could and they won.

“It was a real moment for the whole program and it was just everything that USI is about. We tried as hard as we could in that last game in the PAC and we ended up winning,” Hanson said.

Hanson said the last game was extremely special for everyone there, and even if he can’t play on the new court now.

“I won’t be playing in (the new stadium), because I’m a senior, so I just know that these guys will definitely enjoy it, and I’m sure I’ll be here to watch them play games next year,” Hanson said.

He said he was glad to end on a good note.

Watson said because they are in a critical part of their season, it “doesn’t do them any good to think about the (new stadium).”

“We were hoping our seniors would play in there and we were thinking that it was going to happen,” Watson said. “But then as the days went by and the days went along, and as different things happened, there were delays and so forth, it looked like it was going to be a disappointment.”

Although it has been delayed, Watson said every time he goes in the upgraded arena it becomes more spectacular.

“The way we closed this building, in such a dramatic fashion, that was sort of a fairy tale in itself,” Watson said. “That (stadium) is unbelievable, and when you see it for the first time you’ll know what I’m talking about…The pictures don’t do it justice. That place is unreal.”