‘Sex Education’ full of scandelous, humorous content


Health class in high school was something every teenage student dreaded. No one wanted to sit through “the talk” or watch videos on STIs.

However, Netflix managed to reel in teenagers’ interest on this topic with the new original series “Sex Education.”

Starring a British cast with an Americanized twist, “Sex Education” is a comedy-drama that combines awkward experiences, plenty of intercourse and myths of all kinds, while allowing viewers to learn about their own wants and needs.

Otis Milburn is an average 16-year-old who is gradually entering pubescence, yet seems to quickly fall behind his peers who became especially experienced with sex over the summer. To make matters worse, his mother, Jean Milburn, is a sex therapist who tries to pry her way into her son’s life.

On the other hand, Maeve Wiley, the “snag” of the school, is as experienced as they come, yet holds secrets and issues of her own, none of which stop her from upholding her school-given title.

After Otis’s home life is revealed to the school, he needed to find a way to improve his scholastic status. What better way to do so than to team up with the expert herself and kickstart an underground sex clinic for the students at their school?

Attempting to guide their classmates with sexual issues they secretly deal with, Otis and Maeve ultimately grow very fond of one another, which brings tension to everyone involved.

While the main focus of the show is to educate angsty and hormonal teens, there is also room for individual growth and discovery. Otis realizes this fairly quickly while providing guidance and support to each client he and Maeve help. Maeve, too, undergoes an extreme change by the end of the show.

At the end of the season, you’re left wanting more and reevaluating the knowledge you have about sex, relationships and sexuality.

“Sex Education” addresses bullying, becoming experienced, puberty, rejection, sexuality and anything one can think of while going through their teenage years. Each character in the show and outside of the screen, expresses their needs uniquely. We all deal with the same hormones and urges that usher us through life.

Whether you’re 16 and entering puberty, 20 and becoming an adult or 40 something and needing a good laugh, a quick binging of this scandalous, yet hilarious show may do you some good.

Always remember: one can always learn something about themselves or life, education of all forms is beneficial, contraception almost always helps and never be afraid to try something new.

So pass the remote, grab a condom and get some “Sex Education.”

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)